New database and interface 2014

Duting the winter 2014, the waypoint database was migrated to a PostGIS database. This has simplfied the administration of the database, as it is now possible to connect to the database directly using GIS software, such as QGIS.

Note that, due to rounding errors, the coordinates in the new database will differ from the old database on the last decimal.  However, this is a negligible "move" that will not influence on speed in competitions.

After the migration, more than 225 outlading waypoints wer added to the database. We thank Arne Martin Guettler and Per Morten Løvsland for their work on collecting these points.

At the same time, the Web-interface was also migrated from Perl to php. Even if the new interface has been tested thoroughly, bugs may still exist.  If you have problems with the new interface, contact the administrator using this form, and download old waypoints from the old interface until the bug has been fixed.