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Important news 2014: Migration of database and interface.

Waypoint Database

Reat about the waypoint database, naming conventions, specs and explanations.

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Go here to download wayppoint- or airspace files, or view the waypoint database contents.

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Waypoint Map

From 2014, you can now study the waypoints on maps using the solution above.

mars 2014:Major revamp of site, database and download interface. More than 200 outlanding points added to database.
26.apr.2012:Airspace files updated
03.apr.2012:New airspace files for 2012 provided.

07.apr.2011:Removed waypoint under new Gardermoen and Farris TMA in addition to more aoutlanding fiels in Western Norway. Added new waypoints in new air sport boxes with the new TMAs. New Air space files are pending.
:  Provided new airpspace file for 2010.
17.Mar.2009: Added new waypoints i Slangen/Troms and one at Svene near Hokksund.  New airpspace file with new competition area, and correspoding new 5.Oct.2008: Added a new interactve waypoint map to replace the old PDF-file.
21.Sept.2008: Added a new file format: "Google Earth KML". Download a file, and study your waypoints in GoogleEarth!
15.Mar.2008: Removed "Rena bru" (RENA) from database, and renamed "Landsørkje flpl" (LANSRK) to "Rena flpl" (RENAFP).  Also added new airfield at Husodden.
06. Feb. 2008: Updated airspace files provided, which now includes the new military shooting area "Regionfelt Øst" East of the  Østerdalen. valley